Detail Design of offshore wind turbine substructures

Based on experience and thorough efforts since 2003, OWEC Tower has developed procedures for substructure detail design to reduce the risks from the very beginning of the project and thus avoid delays and related costs.

While OWEC Tower propose a reliable design at a very early stage based on in-house tools, OWEC Tower has also identified that most of the risks lie in the interfaces (see Interface Management) of such project. Based on experience, OWEC Tower is a pro-active part of the project, which identifies uncertainties and risks at an early stage and proposes feasible solutions to the client.

OWEC Tower discuss with the yard to allow further optimizations with respect to yard facilities and experience, steel supply chain and reductions of the cost and risks in the project.

Based on our experience with Thornton Bank, OWEC Tower has proven the ability to deliver five substructure designs for WTG (48 WTG in total) plus one design for the substation in a timely manner and with the expected quality to the satisfaction of our client. Hence OWEC Tower  manage a high number of jacket designs analysis in parallel.

In addition to the broad in-house expert competence, OWEC Tower is also working closely with other engineering company’s who have complementary expertise to ensure that the capability and capacity of the project team is sufficient.

OWEC Tower typically work with ANSYS, ASAS and FATJACK for the global dynamic and local FEA analysis. As well OWEC Tower has experience with BLADED, FEDEM and if required, adapt to the project and wind turbine manufacturer demands.