New Challenges

Since the foundation of OWEC Tower in 2004, we have been working on developing the design in order to reduce the cost of energy.

With the new ownership of Keppel, OWEC Tower at the beginning of 2012, we has been able to focus even more on Research, Development and Innovation to develop the concept further and reduce the risks and the costs for our clients.

Typical areas of R&D&I we are working with:

  1. Global Dynamic Analysis: we have made an extensive research program (RAVEN) together with the Norwegian University of Trondheim (NTNU) looking at which ways of analysing and which software is the most suitable and what can be done to reduce the computation time. In this program we have used ASAS, Bladed and Fedem in sequential and integrated manner. Previous experience has enabled us to compare with the fully coupled analysis.
  2. Grouted connection and pre-installed piles: OWEC was the first designer to bring pre-installed piles in the offshore wind industry with the Alpha Ventus project. Research projects are on-going to consolidate the know-how on these connections.
  3. New foundations for difficult soil types: suction buckets, gravity based and drilled piles are being investigated as foundation for the jacket in difficult soil type (instead of the classical driven piles). The on-going development work aims to reduce the uncertainties on these foundations when used with wind turbines jacket substructures.
  4. Supply chain friendliness: OWEC Tower identified potential and substantial savings in adapting the design to the steel supply and is working at defining the potential savings in fabrication.
  5. New concepts: OWEC Tower is constantly working with new ideas and new concepts for complete or part of the design.